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Monday, March 14, 2005

All your pictures are belong to us!

Last night, watching an episode of NCIS, I saw for the second time in a week a pulp-forensics show use the reflection of a suspect taken from a two-buck cctv camera to nab the perp.

Hello!!!! What f(&*ing planet are these people on.

"Oh yes Mr Boss-Man. I'll just enhance the resolution on this eye-ball reflection 20 bazillion times ... " clickety-click-clik "... and voila! We're viewing the suspects's DNA in real time."

The other culprit was one of the CSI clones ... can't remember which one. Probably "CSI:TrailerPark". Hey, what do you mean Bruckheimer hasn't made that one yet? Well, I want the damn royalties ... you heard it here first!


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