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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Maximum cool, minimum links

Simon ponders why the travel blog that Karina and he have compiled during their recent trip hasn't garned more links. I have a quite sophisticated theory to explain why the veritable coolness of their adventures, the fantastic photos they took, and the travelogue they've shared correlates with their unexpectedly low inbound link count.

However, I lack the sobriety to convey this theory right now, so I'll summarise in a way that should communicate the thrust of my theory.

"WAAAAH!!!, WAH WAH WAH! BLLLEEEEAAAARRRRGGGG!!! I WAN'T THAT HOLIDAY! WAH WAH WAH. God damn Simon and Karina! Why can't I have eight weeks having a fantastic time in Europe. Stupid work, I was even in Europe at the same time ... but had to slave away at a hot keyboard. WAH WAH WAH!!!!"

So, I hope that provides some insight into the truly revelatory nature of my theory.



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