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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Death of a Thousand Breakfasts

What do Kathryn from TIBCO, Jennifer from Sun, and Gail from Microsoft all have in common? They all want to have breakfast with me. More specifically, they've all called in the last couple of days asking if I'd like to go to a breakfast seminar on their technology du jour. And not just one breakfast. Five! In fact, it seems Sun must be attempting to relaunch themselves as a Starbucks-wannabe ... as they host breakfast every Thursday. It all makes sense now ... the obesity epidemic, crop circles, everything. It's all caused by Sun's breakfast brainwashing sessions.

I remember when I first got in to IT I was thrilled the first time I got one of these invites. "Come and eat cold danish and drink coffee of dubious quality while we brainwash you with details of the new SoftwareMeister9000 Total Quality Automated Code Generating Auditing Enterprise Scalable Framework." (Hmm the acronym is STQACGAESF ... I think that was the noise the coffee made when it shot out my nose when I started laughing :-) ).

Now it's just funny, bordering on annoying. I wonder how many homeless people in the city would like breakfast on Thursday? I think I'll give them my "seminar badge", and they can enjoy the corporate largess in my place. Hell, they need it more than I do. And besides, you never know when you'll need a STQACGAESF. :-)


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