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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

All in a day's work

The lead up to christmas is usually slow - but not this year. Today (the 20th) is the first slow day I've had. And it gave me time to do a bunch of little things

First, I built two Solaris 10 virtual machines, which I'm now busy trying to get behaving on a host with limited RAM. (Yes, yes, too much time on my hands, I hear you say ... see para 1)

Second, I dabbled with some more coding of my data builder/stress tester/performance killer for doc management systems. I extended the utility to make PDF documents. Yeah, so what. Well, it makes 1000 per minute all with random titles and random content, and shoves them into the doc management system. And if I run 5 clients in parallel, that means I can load 18 million PDFs into the system every day. And I'm about to go on leave for 14 days ... so when I come back, I should have 250 million PDFs in the database.

(That of course will never happen. While the PDF engine is an excellent open source one, we are talking about my code - buggy to be sure, and Billy G's .NOT programming world will almost surely decide nothing is garbage, leaving me with no memory in a matter of minutes. Oh, and I'll run out of disk space ... even on my EMC SAN).

I wonder if I'll see the smoke from home?


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