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Monday, December 12, 2005

Blast from the past.

Adelaide Qantas Club. Usually that brings up thoughts of a tatty, crowded little room of forelorn and weary travellers, eeking out the passing hours waiting for Qantas to deign to open their flight. But not tonight.

I strolled to the bar to partake of the Qantas club's one saving grace ~ Coopers ~ and on the way saw an old but familiar face. John Mason and I had both enjoyed the trials and tribulations of engineering at UC, and here we were some 15 years later, older, wiser, but still happy to talk about old times.

We talked about how the degree we both did was once ranked one of the most prestigious computer science/engineering degrees in the country, and how it had changed to be an also-ran that last year was consigned to the dust-bin of academic history.

Perhaps most surprising was our exchange of anecdotes about our friends from the time, and what had happened to them. The usual moving, jobs, etc. etc. for most of them. Except Bill. Or (as I now know) Willamina as she prefers to be called nowadays. I think I spat beer half way across the room in surprise. Best of luck to him/her!

Funny how a disproportionate number a these posts are written in airport lounges. Probably just the combination of soothing [and free] alcohol, and more spare time than I'm used to.

Time for more Coopers ;-)


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