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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blog Entropy

LHS has decided to retire his old blog, and has started a new one. This made me think of numerous articles I've read over the last few years on the faddish nature of blogging, the ephemera about which people write, and the somewhat harsher critiques of the shallowness of blogging and bloggers.

What it also prompted me to do was work out why Gord hadn't updated his blog since February! It turns out, Gord has been as prolific, enigmatic and poignant as ever, but the crappy feed facility in Thunderbird didn't notice! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The serendipity was interesting, as two weeks ago, I spawned a "serious technical blog" to satisfy my sideline as wanna-be techno-geek, author and uber-consultant.

(And for the serious physics aficionados amongst you, yes I know that the blogosphere cannot (yet) experience entropy. That particular aspect of thermodynamics happens only to closed systems ... probably the most-often misunderstood characteristic of the 2nd and 3rd law. And it most definitely is not a closed system)


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