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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Apparently, I might be Jesus.

And for once, this isn't my ego talking (you'd know if it was ... it uses grand, sweeping jestures, and is sure that it's a 6'6" Adonis with several doctorates in brainy stuff).

My new colleague and partner in crime - he and I, plus a few others form the oh-so-hectic leadership team at my new employers - sent me an email tonight with this revelation (pun intended).

And I quote:

"We need to have a chat about your obvious “Jesus” status (!!!!)."

(yes, he used all of that punctuation).

Then he left me a phone message to the same effect, his boss had just called him wanting to know who this messiah was they'd just hired, and why his phone was ringing off the hook with people trying to get a piece of my time now they knew where I was headed.

I must say I don't feel particularly messianic. Nor saviour-esque for that matter. I did suggest that there may be problems with any such claim, not least copyright and trademark infringement lawsuits from the various other supposed son's of deities, and their spiritual and temporal arms here on terra firma. He didn't seem concerned at this, nor at the fact that being an atheist usually disqualifies one for such a title.

And besides, if I could turn water in to wine, there'd be a great many more typos in this post ... and lots of slurring.

Maybe I could be a Buddha instead :-)


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