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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On the dangers of Wives using the TV Remote Control

So, tonight was a normal night at home ... until that fateful moment when the wine was finished, port had been drunk, and wifey decided it was time to bid goodnight to one and all.

As a "parting gift", she decided to randomly change the channel on the cable box to save me from the turgid show that threatened to waste precious photons after we'd watched yet another episode of Scrubs. One hundred and thirty-seven* button-presses on the TV remote later (*the real number has been changed to protect the innocent), and the TV ends up on ... I shit you not ... "I Love Carbuncles", on some derivative of the Discovery Channel. Even Dante didn't dream of this level of hell.

WTF!!!!???? Who the fuck comes up with shows like this? Who funds this stuff??!! Hell, I'll go take some pictures of a few carbuncles if you throw a few grand my way.

In the words of Grampa Simpson, I want Matlock!


  • Twit.

    I Love Carbuncles was a documentary about Brutalist Architcture, the buildings often referred to in the popular press as"carbuncles".

    Heaven preserve us from the influx of the uneducated on the internet.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:26 PM  

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