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Saturday, June 30, 2007

You, me, and lots of coffee

What's it take to make you think you're alive? Not in the metaphysical sense, more in the "Ah ... that's the taste of life" sense.

I'm with Mike Lopp in having to have about 5 things on the go at once to even begin to feel like there's a little focus to things. Right now, that includes typing these vague ramblings, drinking my favourite Belgian beer, writing the book (it's eating all my time, but they keep promising me more money and more kudos), reading the latest wine "cleanskin" catalogue so we can restock the cellar, battling my Master thesis supervisor in his constant efforts to push me to do a Ph.D, and building a single-signon framework for a research institute that asked a friend of mine for help, who in turn asked me to sort out the "techo stuff".

And it's a Saturday night, so I'm taking it easy ... I've got a birthday gig to go to later, so I need to be fresh for that :-)


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