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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Always enjoy the little things ...

... because you may look back in years to come and realise they were the big things. Saw this on someone's sig the other day, and remembered I'd had the same motivation many years ago ... just after some loonies flew several planes at several buildings.

We're off on one of our adventure jaunts, which this time includes scuba diving off Greek islands, hiking (well, actually just walking) in the hills of Provence, and battling with the urban combat zone that is the Oxford Circus tube station (seriously, the only place in the world where one wrong step will see you plunge 20 feet, break several limbs, and have your carcass faught over by duelling buskers, winos, beggars, and bible-bashers. Truly scary).

Just when I thought "Hey, not a bad itinerary", word comes in from our friend Srim, aka the uberwebmaster. Srim reports that the other day, she grabbed a mountain bike, looked down from the top of the Andes in Boliva, and plummeted down the "64km Bolivan goat track of death" - a road (and she uses that term loosely) that apparently kills a great many car drviers every year, in part because sections of it are indistiguishable from sheer cliff faces. I can picture the thoughtful signs in Spanish that translate to "Do not be with this sign ... there is no road here, only death".

So the adventure rating is all relative :-)


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