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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

End of the TiVo Torture Test

It's time to end the TiVo Torture Test. Stilly, Simon and Anthony have been teased enough as I've meandered my way to a working TiVo (hacked Oz style, of course). So tonight, I rebuilt it, ran through guided setup, and am now listening to the gentle hum of the guide data building itself.

It's already had its first "success", as Lindsay couldn't believe that CSI:TrailerPark (or whatever version is usually on Wednesdays) had been dropped in favour of PackerVision's latest gutter-journalism - Schapelle Corby: Stupid, or What? (again, probably not its real name, but I claim artistic licence). But no, the great and mighty OzTiVo guide says they've made the switch ... and the TV is obediently moving to the opening credits of said piece of pulp nonsense.

So the TiVo is now in business, just in time to record a billion and one episodes of MythBusters, CSI:*, Law and Order, and Top Gear. My next mission will be to provide the hack for Transact+Foxtel via a single Motorola set-top. But I'm in no hurry :-)


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