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Thursday, August 18, 2005

LHS is off to The Netherlands!

Little Headed Simon (LHS to his friends) is off to spend 3 days in sunny Venlo.

No, don't laugh. As someone who has spent 3 days in Venlo, I can assure you there's plenty to do. For instance, did you know it takes over 30 minutes to walk from one end of town to the other? How about the beer!? I mean, once you've enjoyed all Venlo has to offer (did I mention the walking already?), you need a good beer to calm yourself down from the rave-in-a-village that is Venlo.

After the beer, and the walking, there's always ... um ... well ... how about more beer!?

Luckily, I know Simon can sink a pint or two. Who knows what a non-drinker would do in Venlo. Lots of walking, I suppose. Simon flies out tomorrow ... Tot Ziens, buddy. Two important phrases you need. "Ich gein sprecht Nederlandse", and "Ahlsterbleift". I'll let you work out what they mean :-)


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