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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fun and profit with collective nouns

My favourite collective noun of all time is a "Never-thriving of Jugglers". From time to time, collective nouns like a Murder of Crows take my fancy, but somehow I can't get past the descriptive brilliance of a never-thriving. And if you're thinking "who the f*#& has a favourite collective noun?" you're just jealous.

As for the profit, another collective noun comes to mind. An embarrassment of riches. I wonder who, exactly, was so embarrassed by their wealth to come up with this. Midas? Caesar? Liberace? (just kidding). Perhaps it should be me. At last count, I've had something like eight job offers in the last three weeks. And the associated riches are rather embarrassing. This of course doesn't include the potential offers yet to come ... but more on that later.

So, anyone for juggling?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

If I have seen further ...

... it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Sir Isaac, that mad and brilliant fool, made this quip, and yet for anyone who marvels at the heights from which they survey the world, it surely is true.

Today, those very heights for me are a precipice from which I've taken an almighty leap. You see, I've just resigned. Some 10-odd years working for an idiosyncratic, dysfunctional, lovable, frustrating, quirky, stuck-in-the-mud, frenetic, fractious, eccentric, hide-bound, and ... ultimately ... transient little company. Some will pat me on the back as I leave, some will be happy to see the last of me, and a few will raise a glass and know that we had a blast ... for a while.

To complete the literary allusion that opened this missive, I have only been able to do what I've done by the grace of those who travelled with me on the way. It's churlish to name names, as I'm sure to forget some, be biased towards the recent, and in general make a hash of it. You know who you are ... and you know there's a cold ale waiting for you whenever you need it most; you need but ask :-)