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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rock climbing rocks!

I'd never really given much thought to the "sport" of rock climbing. Sure, I've seen it done, including Jeremy Clarkson racing a bunch of free-climbers in a Top Gear episode. I'm visiting my team in San Francisco, and the opportunity came up to give rock climbing a go. And the result?


It is seriously awesome fun, and I now have a belaying certificate to add to the pile of useless IT qualifications I've gathered :-). The best bit was using the auto-belay - like a giant inertia-reel seat belt, but with a "slow descent" option. It lets you climb the 15-to-20 metre wall, and then simply jump off backwards! That was cool!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Amazing coincidences

What are the chances that you one day discover someone who

1. Has roughly the same nick-name
2. Travels as widely as you do
3. Speaks at conferences, UGs, and similar venues as often as you do
4. Enjoys food, restaurants, wine and the culinary arts to distraction ... just like you
5. Works for a leading Bay Area high tech icon, as you do
6. Has the same technology specialisation as you
7. Has the same laconic, humourous, chatty demeanor

Well, it seems fuzzychef.org is either the most eclectic stalker/doppleganger ever, or my long lost twin.